Wednesday-Saturday Menu

Join us every Wednesday night @ 5pm for Phat Wednesday’s!

Old School Hip-Hop!

*Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos: Golden fried shrimp, house-made sweet/spicy Bang Bang sauce, shredded lettuce & green onion. $4 each or 3 for $10.

*Big Mac Egg Rolls: Seasoned hand-ground beef, sautéed onions, deli-sliced American cheese and diced pickles. Served with our house-made cloned “secret sauce.” 3 per order. $8

*Big Kahuna Burger: Sautéed Jalapeno stuffed seasoned ground chicken, pepper jack cheese, marinated pineapple, leaf lettuce, red onion and house-made Teriyaki honey may. Served on a toasted Hawaiian bun. Comes with fries. $10

*Chicken & Waffle Sandwich: Seasoned, breaded fried chicken topped with crisp, thick cut bacon, cheddar cheese and our house made spicy maple syrup served on our famous made-from-scratch waffle. Served with fries. $10

*Chipotle Black Bean Burger: Authentic chipotle seasoned black bean patty, Fieldroast Vegan cheese, vegan mayo, green leaf lettuce, tomato & sliced red onion on a toasted pretzel bun. Served with French fries. $8

*Italian Sausage Sliders: India Pale Ale marinated and seasoned spicy pork sausage patty’s topped with our house-made Sriracha Sour Cream and leaf lettuce. Served on toasted Brioche buns. 3 per order. $8

*In-N-Out Burger: Our interpretation of the cult classic, West coast style burger. ¼ pound hand ground beef patty, deli-sliced American cheese, sautéed onions, leaf lettuce, pickle, tomato & house-made Animal sauce. Served with fries. $10

*Pickle Fries Basket: Seasoned flour dusted, fried pickle fries served with Beer Geeks house-made “Comeback” sauce. $6

*Thai Curry Chicken Ramen: House-made Thai Curry broth topped with marinated Thai (Gai Yang) style grilled chicken, sliced red onion, cilantro, lime wedge and sriracha. $10