Summer Music Series featuring: Funky Mojodaddy!

Funky MojoDaddy return to Beer Geeks Saturday, July 14th!

The members of MojoDaddy are all top-shelf musicians who have achieved considerable success with their respective groups. Throughout their careers, these guys have taken the message of Chicago blues and traveled the world to spread it with artists such as Buddy Guy, Carl Weathersby, the Kinsey Report and the Steepwater Band. The group consists of Kenny Kinsey (bass/vocals), Ryan Frahm (guitar/vocals), Jerry Porter (drums/vocals) and Jeff Massey (Slide guitar/vocals).

They’ve built a high-energy blues, funk/soul, roots-rock supergroup who thread the spirit of the past with creative, passionate playing. Employing a duo of accomplished, fire-breathing guitarists (Ryan Frahm &Jeff Massey), a rock-solid rhythm section (Kenny Kinsey, Jerry Porter), and a trio of distinct-yet-complementary vocalists (Frahm, Massey & Kinsey), the band fuses their musical tastes into a must see live show for any hardcore blues-rocker who has an occasional sensitive moment.

Together, they have quickly gained a reputation for being one of Northwest Indiana/Chicagoland area’s top blues bands and rhythm sections. All of this has led to them appearing on a regular rotation at some of the areas hottest live music venues and annual summer festivals.

These musician’s pride themselves on playing with heart and soul, creating an unstoppable energy. Their intense delivery of the music will have you up and dancing, while never letting you forget where our musical debt is owed.

Only $5 at the door.