Join us Saturday, September 9th as we “officially” release longtime bartender Rich into the wild with one final curtain call!

We’ll kick things off with the “Roast” of Rich featuring old friends and longtime Beer Geeks patrons doing their best to disgrace, insult and overall humiliate poor Richard in this ‘No Holds Barred’ trash talking session. Nothing will be sacred!

Live music from local rockers Over Zero, who will be performing the entire soundtrack to the cult classic 2003 comedy, ‘Old School!’

“Honey, you think KFC’s still open?” For your dining pleasure, Beer Geeks will put it’s own personal twist on the KFC “Famous Bowl!”

And, as an alumnus of Eastern Illinois University, it’s only fitting that we intoxicate Rich, and everyone else in attendance properly tonight with an EIU campus signature cocktail, the “Baltimore Zoo” A.K.A “The Red Dragon!”

You won’t want to miss this evening full of hilarious comedy, kick-ass live music, awesome beer, craft cocktails, delicious grub and glorious debauchery.

This is a FREE event!